Is Insurance Included

  • All rentals must include Partial Collision Coverage (CDW) and Theft Coverage (TP). This coverage are included in the rental price

and are usually subject to a franchise.

  • Partial Collision Coverage is a type of coverage for rental vehicles. It reduces the driver’s financial liability in case of damage to the vehicle, which means that the rental company would not charge you the entire cost of the vehicle if it was damaged during the rental.
  • Theft Coverage is another type of rental coverage. This reduces the driver’s financial liability in case of vehicle theft. Thanks to this coverage, the rental company will not charge you the full cost of the vehicle in case of theft of the vehicle.
  • A franchise amount is almost always set, so the driver will have to pay for that first part of repairs or replacement.
  • You can find all the information about what is included in the conditions of each offer and in your rental contract.
    If you already have a reservation and have a question about insurance, click on the link below.
  • Enquiry From, fill in the booking details and we will gladly send you an email explaining the insurance information for your booking.
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